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otso for Media Monitoring

otso makes it easy to analyse all of your customer feedback and media mentions, powered by the latest advances in AI.

Challenges in Media Monitoring

Competitor Analysis
Organisations need to be able to adapt to an ever changing competitive market. Organisations need to monitor competitor activity to identify and compare their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.
Issue Tracking
Every minute that a negative issue spends in the media impacts an organisation’s brand. Organisations need to be able to stay on top of breaking issues as soon as they develop.
Knowing When to Respond
In the age of the 24-hour news cycle, knowing when to respond to a breaking issue and when to simply ride it out is critical to brand health.


Domain Specific Sentiment
At otso we have developed state-of-the-art sentiment models to provide a higher accuracy for Australian organisations. These models can be further trained on your specific domain to capture the nuances of sentiment in the voice of your customer.
Real-Time Alerting
Be notified immediately as soon as key metrics change, such as a spike in conversation volume, or a sudden dip in sentiment towards your brand.
Dynamic Reporting
Streamline your BAU reporting with automatic and customisable reports. Minimise time wasted on manual reporting and updating stakeholders, and focus on uncovering and actioning business insights out of your data.
Competitor Analysis

Make informed market decisions by tracking and understanding consumer sentiment towards your competitors in public, social, and owned media. Understand your metrics in the context of industry performance and norms.

Issue Tracking

Stay on top of breaking issues as they develop. Be notified as soon as the story takes a turn with powerful real-time alerting.

AI Powered Insights

Get AI Powered Insights at a glance. Customisable dashboards and branded reporting deliver insights about core media metrics including share of voice, sentiment, emotion, topic classification, top influencers and sources, momentum and reach.

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