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otso for Event Management

otso makes it easy to analyse all of your customer feedback and media mentions, powered by the latest advances in AI.

Challenges in Event Management

Demonstrating Engagement
Organisations that facilitate large events need to be able to demonstrate customer anticipation and excitement for their event to establish sponsorship ROI and increase ticket sales.
Quantifying ROI
Organisations require a data-driven way to quantify the overall success and ROI of their [Event/Strategy] to sponsors and other stakeholders.
Understanding Sentiment
Organisations need to observe and monitor the sentiment of their customers. However, many off-the-shelf sentiment models are trained on US data and perform poorly on non-US languages and within industry-specific domains.


Domain Specific Sentiment
At otso we have developed state-of-the-art sentiment models to provide a higher accuracy for Australian organisations. These models can be further trained on your specific domain to capture the nuances of sentiment in the voice of your customer.
Impact Metric
Measure the impact of individual services, topics, products or themes against organisational KPIs such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort and Sentiment.
Real-Time Alerting
Be notified immediately as soon as key metrics change, such as a spike in conversation volume, or a sudden dip in sentiment towards your brand.
Quantify ROI

Identify and understand the key drivers underpinning the success of your event

Operational Decisions

Continuously monitor your event to identify and triage emerging issues that could impact your brand or customers

Demonstrate Engagement

Quantify and track the level of anticipation, excitement and engagement for your event

Other Features

Competitor Analysis: Make informed market decisions by tracking and understanding consumer sentiment towards your competitors in public, social, and owned media. Understand your metrics in the context of industry performance and norms.
Understand and analyse all channels of event feedback side-by-side, e.g., service or information requests, compliments or complaints.
Discover and explore verbatim comments that support your insights.
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