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otso for Claims Automation

otso makes it easy to analyse all of your customer feedback and media mentions, powered by the latest advances in AI.

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Challenges in Claims Automation

Automating Claims
Manually reviewing insurance claims is time consuming, repetitive, and relies on human expert knowledge. Organisations need to be able to free up expert resources to focus on value-creation work.
Institutional Knowledge
Processing, output and delivery times vary significantly depending on the experience levels of individual team members. Organisations need to be able to harness the institutional knowledge of their most experienced team members to provide enhanced decision support across the entire team.
Data Complexity
Supporting documentation for claims is largely unstructured, and unlocking its value quickly and at scale is difficult.


Custom Natural Language Classifiers
Automate the manual claim review process with custom natural language classifiers.
Model Verification
Take control and continuously improve your organisation’s model accuracy with our easy-to-use model verification interface.
Monitoring Uncertainty
Claims in which the outcome cannot be accurately determined are automatically flagged to be manually verified by a human. This decision is then fed back into the prediction model to improve future performance.
Save Time, Save Money

Artificial Intelligence provides powerful capabilities for automation, especially for routine tasks. Leverage the power of AI and cloud computing to free up organisational resources, allowing your teams to focus on value-creation work.

Smart Data, Smart Decisions

Avoid the pitfalls of anecdotal evidence, use the institutional knowledge locked within your data to make rigorous data-driven decisions, and bust organisational myths before they take hold.

See the forest and the trees.

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