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otso for Financial Services

otso makes it easy to analyse all of your customer feedback and media mentions, powered by the latest advances in AI.

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Challenges in Financial Services

Data Complexity
Customers provide Financial Services with a wealth of direct feedback about their key pain points. However, this feedback is largely unstructured, and unlocking its value quickly and at scale is difficult.
Identifying Retention Risks
Retaining existing customers is far cheaper than acquiring new customers. Organisations need to be able to monitor all of their existing customer feedback to proactively identify customers at risk of churn.
Operational Decisions
Financial Services cannot make operational decisions from BI reports that out of date the minute they are created. Financial Services need to be able to continuously monitor customer feedback and sentiment to identify and triage emerging issues and track interventions in real-time.


Domain Specific Sentiment
At otso we have developed state-of-the-art sentiment models to provide a higher accuracy for Australian organisations. These models can be further trained on your specific domain to capture the nuances of sentiment in the voice of your customer.
Impact Metric
Measure the impact of individual services, topics, products or themes against organisational KPIs such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort and Sentiment.
Custom Natural Language Classifiers
Identify key topics (e.g. Retention Risks) from your data with custom natural language classifiers.
Drive Change

Identify key drivers of NPS, customer satisfaction, customer effort and other core business KPIs. otso's customisable dashboards support a wide range of standard and custom metrics, and demonstrate the relationship between these metrics and the emergent concepts in your data.

Understand Context

otso provides organisation, issue, and industry benchmarks for key metrics, leading to a deeper understanding of the importance and impact of specific issues against organisational and industry baselines.

Reduce Churn

Analyse the customer journey to identify key drivers of churn and implement intervention strategies to reduce churn.

Other Features

Identify key customer pain points and sources of customer effort.
Understand trends over time and identify where customer needs are not being met.
Understand and analyse all channels of customer feedback side-by-side, e.g., service or information requests, compliments or complaints.
Continuously monitor customer sentiment to identify and triage emerging issues and track interventions in real-time.
Discover and explore verbatim comments that support your insights.
Move Beyond Silos: Feedback channels and data collection often create 'data silos', trapping your information. otso supports a wide range of regularly siloed data types, to help you obtain a holistic view of issues contained within all of your data.
Competitor Analysis: Make informed market decisions by tracking and understanding consumer sentiment towards your competitors in public, social, and owned media. Understand your metrics in the context of industry performance and norms.

See the forest and the trees.

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