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Changing Industries with AI

Our machine learning applied to customer feedback democratises CX and operational stakeholder understanding of customer’s experience when engaging with council services, and reporting community health and safety concerns. Actioning accurate sentiment data insights can lead to customer satisfaction score improvement.

Local Government cannot make operational decisions from BI reports that are out of date the minute they are created. Local Government needs to be able to continuously monitor customer feedback and sentiment to identify and triage emerging issues and track interventions in real-time.

"We recently used the platform to understand customer’s experience when reporting animal noise, and the insights gained were integral to a full redesign of the process which resulted in some amazing improvements."

CX Manager - Customer Services

Local Government

Understand Context

otso provides organisation, issue, and industry benchmarks for key metrics, leading to a deeper understanding of the importance and impact of specific issues against organisational and industry baselines.

Reduce Churn

Analyse the customer journey to identify key drivers of churn and implement intervention strategies to reduce churn.

Drive Change

Identify key drivers of NPS, customer satisfaction, customer effort and other core business KPIs. otsos customisable dashboards support a wide range of standard and custom metrics, and demonstrate the relationship between these metrics and the emergent concepts in your data.

Save Time, Save Money

Artificial Intelligence provides powerful capabilities for automation, especially for routine tasks. Leverage the power of AI and cloud computing to free up organisational resources, allowing your teams to focus on value-creating work.

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