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Dynamic Alerts

With otso's finger on the pulse of incoming data, you can be notified immediately when as key metrics change, letting you respond proactively to issues as they occur.

Find out about issues as they arise

We've built otso to support live data ingest and enrichment, so that you can gain insight and act upon your data as soon as you've collected it! otso's flexible alerting system can be configured to alert key team members whenever an issue starts to gain traction. This gives you even more power to act proactively in response to the issue you've discovered.

Dynamic and Fixed options

We understand that there's no "one-size-fits-all" approach to business intelligence. otso's alerting tools give you the flexibility to set your own thresholds for alerting. You can set an adaptive baseline for a dynamic alert, which lets you know when something has happened outside the norm over a specific time-period. You can also set a fixed alert for a discrete threshold — perfect those situations where "one problem encountered is one too many".

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