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Domain Specific Modelling

When it comes to AI and natural language, there's no one-size-fits-all approach — otso is built to support extensive customisation and domain-specific training, for outcomes that truly suit your organisation.

Your Data, Your Rules

With a lot of Machine Learning providers, it can feel like there's not a lot of room for flexibility, or specialisation to suit your needs. We built otso to address many of the shortfalls we saw in existing natural language systems, meaning it is built to work with a range of different use-cases, and can also be tuned and specialised to suit almost any natural language need.

Your Benchmarks are the ones that Matter

If you follow news in the Machine Learning industry you might regularly see headlines announcing that a brand new algorithm or technique has reached an even higher level of accuracy than previous models. In the industry, models are often tested and compared on academic, or publicly available datasets, which may not necessarily provide useful indications for your data.

Classifiers à la carte

otso is designed to make use of a range of natural language techniques, including named entity recognition — which is ideal for granular, detail-oriented analyses, and classifiers — which are ideal for broader-scope "big picture" analyses. otso lets you design and implement new classifiers with as little as a few hundred labelled examples — adding an intelligent system to augment or replace tedious and labour-intensive methods of classification such as qualitative coding.

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