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Data Exploration

otso's flexible exploration tools give you access to the detail behind the big picture in your charts and dashboards, so you can give your data the attention it deserves.

Understand the Data Behind the Metrics

Dashboards are great at identifying issues and helping you understand trends within your data — but they are often geared towards a high level view of your data. We've built our dashboards to be interactive, so that you can easily click on any metric and start exploring the underlying data for that point, helping you to build a holistic understanding of the insights you discover.

Powerful Filtering

When you've got a lot of data to work with, finding exactly what you're looking for can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. otso's powerful filtering tools let you narrow your search via any measure or dimension available within your data.

Simple In-Line Correction

otso's in-line tools allow for the removal of erroneously ingested data, as well as easy correction of inaccurate data. Better yet, in-line corrections are used re-train and iterate your custom modelling, helping to improve model accuracy over time.

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