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Dashboards & Reports

otso is designed to help you gain quick access to insights, thanks to highly flexible, customisable dashboards and reporting tools.

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Flexible Dashboards

otso's customisable dashboards support a wide range of standard and custom metrics, and demonstrate the relationship between these metrics and the emergent concepts in your data. Better yet, there's no one-sized fits-all approach to information — we offer some suggested charts and dashboards, but you can use our powerful charting tools and flexible dashboard layout system to display the information that matters to you however you like.

Powerful Reporting Tools

The charts and views you create to explore data in a dashboard can be easily used for retroactive and historical reporting. You can also use the in-platform editor to provide short-form analysis to accompany your charting.

Automated Monitoring

Every dashboard or report in the otso platform can be easily set up with a regular reporting schedule — so you spend less time configuring your data and more time with the findings that matter to you the most.

See the forest and the trees.

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