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Where AI meets Data Exploration — Using otso.ai for Research!

If you’ve worked in a research field, then there’s a good chance you’ve spent a fair amount of time analysing data and information. With otso and our natural language AI technologies, you can augment your analysis with a range of approachable AI analyses, including topic classification and named entity recognition.

The otso.ai platform is a powerful solution for brining the benefits of machine learning analysis to textual and voice data. The platform is designed to take the power and comprehension of AI analysis, and make that approachable and user-friendly in an interface for exploration, charting and dash-boarding that doesn’t require an extensive training course to operate.

Our AI systems aren’t just for show — we provide otso’s platform and services to a range of clients in the retail, hospitality, medical, research and government sectors. Our AI modelling and platform provides a flexible toolset that can be used by qualitative and quantitative researchers — to augment their existing analyses and workflows, and discover findings or associations that might’ve been challenging to observe through traditional close-reading or statistics based analyses. In addition, the powerful exploration interface helps researchers to contextualise trends and high level information, with direct observation of the underlying data.

One of the chief analysis frameworks employed in the otso.ai modelling is the use of a process called ‘Named Entity Recognition’. This process allows for our AI model to learn from linguistic patterns, something that helps with the discovery of unexpected findings within collated data. Named Entity Recognition works like a super-smart keyword recognition feature, that learning ‘entities’ and their relation to each other from the linguistic context of the sentence or document their found in. These entities can also then be grouped into categories for easier high level analysis.

otso can also support additional, bespoke modelling for specialised uses. A powerful example of this is the ‘topic classifier’ support we’ve built into the platform. Topic classifiers allow users to take the patterns and traits that exist in a corpus of documents, and learn from them to identify similar patterns and traits in new documents. Classifiers can be trained with as little as a few hundred labelled examples. These classifiers learn patterns to suggest classification labels with as little as a few hundred example documents. Whilst classifiers can be used to address many problems, a common use is to create quick distinctions between different types of interactions — an example of this might be automating the labelling of ‘compliments’ and ‘complaints’, or drilling down further on these interactions to create finer distinctions between complaints like ‘incident’, ‘frustration’, or ‘disappointment’ in relation to the emergent patterns and your analytical needs.

Enrich, Explore, and Learn!

The powerful AI enhancements that otso makes to data also serve to help expedite and enhance the exploration of your data. otso offers flexible tools that can allow for a greater understanding of trends and discoveries. Our dashboards are built to be interactive, allowing users to click on any chart element and explore the underlying data, or to use that chart’s perspective as a filter to explore the correlating data more broadly. Most importantly, the otso platform recognises that regardless of what AI enhancements we can bring to you data — a respect for human expertise and authority is essential. That’s why the otso platform provides in-line correction tools so that you can override and correct any issues you observe. The otso platform routinely collects those corrections and uses them to inform training for your machine learning modelling, leading you towards a model with improved accuracy, tailor-made for the research you conduct.

We think that the otso platform can be a really powerful tool for structured and unstructured data analysis. If you’d like to give otso a test-run, and see how you can put AI to work for your business — start a free trial of the platform today, or arrange for a demo with our team.

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