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Introducing otso Annotator

A cloud-based Text Annotator built for Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists.

We have been working on otso Annotator for over two years. It began as an internal tool, used to manage annotation and data labelling for our own machine learning projects. As the tool and the interface developed, we began providing it to select enterprise customers. We’ve received so much significant positive feedback from our clients, that we decided to launch the Annotator as a standalone product.

otso Annotator provides three key benefits; the user experience, which prioritises ease-of-use and understanding. The project management features, which let you allocate and manage annotation tasks. Finally, as a cloud-first tool, you no longer need to have annotators use a CLI to get started, which makes it a much easier tool for teams to use.

Why a focus on the user experience of teams?

Text annotation is best done in a team environment. Ideally, machine learning engineers and data scientists will set up and run projects, while subject matter experts provide annotations. We have built otso Annotator with these different user types in mind - enabling seamless project setup for project admins and an easy and keyboard enabled annotation experience for annotators.

With this public launch, we are granting users and teams that sign up during April an extended trial period of 30 days.

To get started with your free trial, head to otso.ai/annotator

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