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About Us

otso helps organisations to make data-driven decisions

otso uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to unlock the value contained within your organisation's data.

Our data exploration and insights platform provides powerful tools to analyse your brand from sources such as customer surveys, contact centre logs, emails, broadcast and social media mentions, and more.

Put the power of artificial intelligence to work

We believe companies should be putting their brightest minds to work doing what they do best. This means findings ways to streamline workflows and processes to cut down on time spent performing menial, repetitive or tedious tasks.

In recent years, the barrier to entry for analytics has been lowered, with more organisations than ever before analyzing their own data. Unfortunately, this often leads to time and expert resources being wasted on manually categorizing, processing, or analyzing data, rather than exploring it for valuable insights.

We believe organisations should be harnessing the power of AI, allowing them to focus on exploring data and delivering competitive advantage. Using the latest in machine learning technologies, otso streamlines your analytics workflows and processes, automating repetitive tasks to improve accuracy and save time and money.

Trusted by thousands of users

We started otso in 2017, and already thousands of users across government and enterprise trust otso to explore their world of data every day.

Our enterprise-grade security ensures that your data is safe from prying eyes, and flexible user permissions provide users across different teams with the right amount of access.

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