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Actionable Insights from
with Machine Learning

Your team spends hours manually processing text data. otso.ai empowers analysis of all company text data in real-time. Identify and triage emerging issues, automate manually intensive tasks and surface opportunities to optimise the customer experience of your product and services.

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Trusted by Australian Organisations

otso is proudly Brisbane born. Our proprietary NLP and AI technology is developed to empower Australian private and public sector organisations to make reliable decisions from unstructured text data.

Empower your team to extract more actionable insights

Working with otso.ai

Step One


Book a free data exploration session. We will provide guidance and consultation to explore your company’s requirements, available data and the ideal Machine Learning solution for your desired outcomes.

Step Two

Data Preparation

Our Machine Learning experts will prepare your data for model training, or provide tools and expertise to walk your team through the process. Data security is our biggest priority and otso’s technology and company culture was built to align with Australian organisations data-handling compliance requirements.

Step Three

Train the AI

Use our world-class Annotator - a flexible tool for preparing model training data to annotate and train models in collaboration with our Machine Learning engineers. Our team is also ready to provide annotation and model training as a service, for those who are at the beginning of their ML journey.

Step Four

Actionable Insights

Create custom dashboards enabling your team to access and explore the outcomes of the AI enriched data with ease through otso BI. If you’re short on insight resources, our Customer Insights experts can curate regular or ad-hoc white-labelled reporting for you.

Step Five

Measure Change

With insights readily accessible in minutes and not hours, you are able to focus on analysis and reporting. Higher accuracy and more frequent CX reporting will enable you to drive customer focused change in your organisation.

"Don’t use Machine Learning for the sake of it. Use it to drive business outcomes."

Samuel Irvine Casey

otso.ai Director and Co-founder

World-Class Australian Customers

Customer needs and behaviours vary widely on a store-by-store basis. Retailers need to be able to identify store-specific issues and benchmark individual store performance against the brand average.


Local Government cannot make operational decisions from BI reports that are out of date the minute they are created. Local Government needs to be able to continuously monitor customer feedback and sentiment to identify and triage emerging issues and track interventions in real-time.


Manually reviewing insurance claims is time consuming, repetitive, and relies on human expert knowledge. Organisations need to be able to leverage automation to free up resources to focus on value-creation work.


Retaining existing customers is far cheaper than acquiring new customers. Organisations need to be able to monitor all of their existing customer feedback to proactively identify customers at risk of churn.

Financial Services

Our people make the difference.

Machine Learning experts specialising in the enrichment and analysis of unstructured text data at scale.

Machine Learning Experts

otso’s Machine Learning (ML) engineers have expertly implemented ML and Natural Language Processing solutions for over 5 years. Moving beyond the theoretical promises of the technology made over the last two decades, we have designed and implemented high ROI Machine Learning solutions for some of Australia’s most well-known organisations.

Our ML and Software Engineers combine to provide enterprise ready software underpinned by state of the art Machine Learning and natural language modelling tailored to your organisation.

otso’s Management and Insights teams can help you unlock the value contained within your organisation’s data.

We are laser-focused on business outcomes across CX, Operations and Engineering teams, and never the use of AI for the sake of it.

Analyse text at scale with the power of AI.

Improve the quality and frequency of your customer feedback analysis. Book in for a live demo of how Machine Learning can be applied to your industry and to solve your use case.

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